An IMPORTANT NOTICE concerning the Brochure follows.

The present FUERF Brochure available on this website is now PARTIALLY OBSOLETE .

Effective on June 28, 2015, the membership terms and costs as well as meeting schedules
have been changed. See information on this website for updated information.
The meeting location and meeting start times remain as shown on the brochure pages.

The brochure is available in a PDF format document of 454 KB which may take
a few seconds to download. The brochure is a two printed sides, single sheet document. The easiest
method to achieve an approximation of our printed brochure is to print both sides, then assemble
the two sides "back to back" with the print exposed. Lastly, make a Trifold (i.e. fold in thirds) so the
front shows "Fathers Concerned With ...", and the back shows the "Equality" logo at the top, and the
copyright at the bottom.

Here is Brochure Side 1 and Brochure Side 2 .

Although the brochure has mostly unchanged information, due to the the partial obsolescence changes,
we do not encourage reprinting and distributing our brochure at this time.

The brochure directs interested fathers to our website and telephone recordings for current information.
You almost certainly know other Maryland fathers with family law concerns.

In the arena of Divorce, Separation, and Custody conflicts, ignorance is definitely NOT bliss!!!