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top    About Us

Father's United for Equal Rights Foundation (FUERF) is a nonprofit self-help support organization of men and women who are concerned about equality and fairness in the divorce process and the attendant issues of alimony, custody of minor children, child support, visitation, and property disposition. We are particularly concerned with the adversarial nature of divorce law in Maryland, and especially the harmful results of this process on children.

FUERF in Maryland was formed in the 1970's due to the shameful and gross inequities being experienced by men in the implementation of Maryland divorce law by local judges and masters. Unfortunately, the need for our organization still exists today. Many, many, more changes in the law and the courts are required before true justice can be achieved.

The FUERF Brochure is for new and prospective members.

We are a self-help group of non-lawyers sponsoring legal clinics led by a FUERF Guest Attorney where members can ask about their family law concerns. Read more about our meetings and experiences on this website. Senior FUERF members aren't lawyers, but we've heard many questions and answers at FUERF meetings, and many of us have spent too much time entangled in family law ourselves. Come to our meetings and maybe we can help each other.

top    Required Six Month Membership

Family law attorneys generally charge $250+/hour. The FUERF membership fee is equivalent to less than 4 minutes of an attorney's time. By coming to several FUERF meetings, you're getting effectively free attorney time, and better yet, the opportunity to question several different FUERF Guest Attorneys.

Membership in our organization is open to men and women, parents, non-parents, grandparents, and stepparents, not kids... Meetings are usually combinations of legal clinics and peer support. We recommend that you plan on attending both portions of the meetings to gain the maximum benefit. Non-members (and guests) are NOT entitled to lawyer referral and other FUERF services. Only paid members and Guests are permitted at the legal clinic.


$10 Six Month Membership and five hours of your time $10 After two contiguous six month memberships, annual renewals (no lapse in membership) $5 each Invited Guests of Member, with Member present $0 Invited (current) spouse of Member, with Member present

To keep our low membership fees, we ask that you pay in CASH or by US Postal Money Order, not personal checks or credit cards, at your first meeting.  If you cannot attend the next meeting or are out of the local area and need our services, you may establish you're membership by mail. If you're not interested in becoming a member, but wish to help us in our goal of fairness for all in the divorce process, including the children of the divorce, we would be pleased to receive your contribution of any size.

top    Women Members

FUERF has always had women members. Usually they're father supportive sisters, moms, woman friends, (new) wives, step-parents, grandparents, ...  Although women are welcome at our meetings, we are specifically a fathers oriented self-help group. We're more focused on family law issues as faced by men. Enough said.

top    FUERF Telephone Recording

There is one FUERF telephone recording which gives organizational information:

top    Mailing Address

Fathers United
P. O. Box 3308
Silver Spring, MD 20918

Please pay with cash or a money order (payable to "Fathers United") at your first meeting.


Certainly don't call us if you should be calling the police (or ambulance, ...). Also, please try not to call our emergency contact unless your family law issues are truly urgent. We're an all-volunteer organization. We have no paid staff.  We have one member who's volunteered to take calls at any hour. Other volunteers may arise but are generally busy raising their own kids, so please try not to call after 9 pm Maryland (ET) time.